About Club:
Club will seduce you with its clean and efficient design. A complete collection of plates with simple lines and light curves to hold food and sauces and to optimize space when lining up the plates in the kitchen or organizing bowls on your buffet. This range is perfect for chain restaurants and large food service operations, thanks to its shapes designed to stack up and resist to heavy use. Discover this collection available in two colours : a pure and timeless white allied to a cast-iron black that is unique and modern.
Care & Usage:
Porcelain is dishwasher safe. It is the best material for perfect cooking. Suitable with all professional ovens (oven +572°F) withstand the very high temperature of a grill. Ideal for keeping food fresh, with a low thermal inertia means that food can easily be maintained at the correct temperature, on a hot or cold zone. Porcelain withstand extreme temperature changes (356°F).
Club / ID: 25725
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