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With a look that imitates natural slate, the Basalt collection inspires more and more emulators. And for cause! It has everything going for it: a raw natural look that is in style, and an innovating material that looks and feels like slate but still contains all of the virtues of culinary porcelain. It does not scratch or crumble, it is ultra-resistant, and guarantees perfect food hygiene. Available in a wide choice of sizes, with and without indents, with fl at or raised edges to hance all of your presentations : appetisers, starters, main courses, cheeses and desserts.

Basalt care & usage

Porcelain is dishwasher safe.

It is the best material for perfect cooking. Suitable with all professional ovens (oven +572°F) withstand the very high temperature of a grill.

Ideal for keeping food fresh, with a low thermal inertia means that food can easily be maintained at the correct temperature, on a hot or cold zone.

Porcelain withstand extreme temperature changes (356°F).

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Round Plate

Basalt ~ Round Plate

$35.00 Round Plate

7.75" W

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